Be an Authority Online

Choose Your Niche.

This is the starting point. There are thousands of both physical and digital products you can promote online, but if you are not passionate about it. Do not waste your time and effort on it.

Find something you can identify with, a hobby, an experience, a product you could genuinely use, something which has helped you will help someone else. For example if your interest is in cooking then you could build a brand around cooking, It could be a shop marketing the most useful tools for your kitchen, or it may be about your favorite recipes or how to grow and prepare the ingredients you like to use. Get some fire in your belly

Get some fire in your belly for the niche you have chosen, fuel that fire with ever-increasing passion.




Get To Know Your Product

Know your product and know it well. Learn all you can about it, make it your own. You cannot approach a prospective purchaser without having a saturated understanding of the product you are selling.

Search the internet for reviews of the product, ensuring it has a high rating by the people who have purchased it previously. Amazon is a great place to find rel reviews of a range of products. Read both the positive and negative reviews.

Buy the product yourself and really get to know how it works. Know its strengths and weaknesses and be honest about its capabilities. Nobody but nobody likes to feel as if they have been cheated.

Make a list of all the aspects of your product that make it stand out from the rest in the market. Imagine you are the one buying this product.

Learn to love your product because if you don’t you can be sure nobody else will.




Build Your Website or Store

This is where you will be showcasing your product so take care to make it appealing.

Avoid clutter and keep it tidy as you would with a regular store. Presentation is important. Your site must be appealing and attractive to your customers in the same way a physical store should be. Take time to pretty it up, and give everything a place. Be always mindful of your customers, and do not bombard them with pressure. If I go into a store I need time to browse before being confronted by a sales person trying to push a sale.Likewise, when someone visits your site they need time to browse before being hit with a pop up ad trying to push them into a sale. Allow them some time to browse, this is just everyday courtesy.

Ensure your store is easy to navigate around. Most people will walk out the door if they start to feel lost or confused by all the material before them.

A tidy store

Fill Your Store With Appropriate Products

Once you decide on your niche you need to source products to feature on your website that fit within that niche.

Amazon is a great place to start for physical products. They have thousands of different products and many customers who have purchased will leave feedback reflecting their satisfaction.

Alibaba is another great place to acquire products to feature in your store.

If you are planning to sell digital products Clickbank has a huge range and offers good commissions.

Then there are a range of educational products which you can promote as an affiliate.

Offer Your Customers Something They Cannot Resist.

Everybody wants a bargain. Attract customers into your store with an irresistible lead magnet. Give them something for free with absolutely no obligation other than to leave you with their email address. Maintain a comfortable level of communication with your new client. People need to feel valued and know that you have their best interests at heart. You are going to help them answer their questions or meet a need they have. This way they will appreciate that you are making an effort to serve them and you will have a better sales prospect down the track.

Your lead magnet is your fishing net, over time it will bring in many more happy customers so make sure you have the right bait.


Build a List and Build Relationships

Your list will grow through your Landing page or lead magnet. With your irresistible offer. You will need to install an app such as Mail Chimp or A Weber. When visitors decide they want to claim your offer they will have to leave their contact details to be able to receive it. Make your emails attractive and friendly and also ensure they reflect your personality rather than a computer generated message. Build personal relationships so that people will gain trust in you and the products you are promoting.

Maintain your Website and Update Content Regularly.

People don’t want to see same old same old every time they visit your site. Add new products and develop new and innovative ways of marketing your products. Share real reviews of key products.

Announce upcoming sales or special deals and offer incentives to people for sharing on social media.

Complement your website with blog posts feeding in quality content relating to your niche.

Share your new and updated content on social media to keep your presence alive.

Continue to research your products to become a real authority on them .…

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  1. Reply

    OMG! I absolutely loved this information. It really gave me a lot of insight on what and why I am doing what I’m doing! You kind of brought building a website to life for me and I have a little more clarity now. Thank you!

      • admin
      • March 10, 2018

      Thank you Darla for your encouraging comment. There is a lot of work involved in building ot and growing a website, I have discovered,but it is fun.

    • Colette Cole
    • March 11, 2018

    Great introduction for people who are new to this arena. Thank you for writing this! It’s very to the point. Knowing the product is especially important. With the advent of drop-shipping, I am finding some entrepreneurs are listing products without understanding them. There are so many important details that one could benefit from knowing before the product is introduced to their clientele.

      • admin
      • March 11, 2018

      Thank you for your comment Collette. There is so much out there that we can do as an online business. It almost becomes overwhelming just trying to choose the one which works best for us. I do a few different things but I alo think it is probably better to choose one and do it well. 

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